Business Conferences, Workshops, Audio/Media Sessions


A notable location for your business meetings, press conferences, seminars and more...

Palm Haven Hotel is an excellent option to consider when looking for a convenient location to hold a conference. We offer two conference facilities to cater to your business needs - a large conference room which covers an area of about 960 square feet and a small conference room which covers an area of about 600 square feet. Our facilities are well equipped, modern, comfortable and very affordable, and provide you with the privacy you need to conduct your affairs effectively. Accessibility is a plus as the hotel is located just off a main highway where local transportation runs round the clock, and is ideal for individuals who may utilize a vehicle, as the location is easy to find. Palm Haven also ensures that parking will not prove to be a nightmare as our Palm Drive Parking lot offers you ample space to park your vehicle without hassle.

Our Business package includes access to the conference facility/facilities which best suits your needs organized in the specific setting you desire. Also included are conference amenities and meal options (coffee breaks/lunch/dinner) you request. In addition, this package offers discounted car rental rates from our on-site car rental service, as well as a corporate room rate, which is inclusive of breakfast.


Small Conference Room

  • Seats approximately 50 persons theatre style
  • Room Rental Cost – US $142 / EC $375

Large Conference Room

  • Seats approximately 100 persons theatre style
  • Room Rental Cost – US $189 / EC $500

Conference Amenities included in room rental cost:

  • Wired Broadband Internet (Large Conference Room ONLY)
  • Wireless Broadband Internet ( Both Rooms)
  • Flip Chart with Easel
  • Projector Screen
  • Markers
  • Podium
  • Wired & Wireless Microphone
  • Secretariat or Gazebo for coffee break or meal set up. Restaurant is available for dining as well.

Conference amenities provided at an additional cost:

  • Projector
  • Break out room
Don’t forget to ask about our dining options, corporate room rates, and on-site car rental.